About Us

About Calyn Homes

For the last 24 years, Casey Malan has made the building of quality homes in Johnson County his life's work.  After several years in the homebuilding industry, Casey came to realize that there was a need for a home builder who was willing to interact with buyers and offer them a more personal, one on one experience.  He also became keenly aware of the many advantages he enjoyed from his being a hands-on builder, actively and deeply involved in the construction of each home.  With these principles in mind, Calyn Homes was born.  Casey's passion for creative design and innovative features are showcased in the floor plans offered by Calyn Homes.  Add to that his insistence on using only quality materials and superior craftsmanship, and you can sense the pride and care that are built into each Calyn home.

Casey lives in southern Overland Park with his wife, Lynzee, and their two children, Carsen and Mckenzie.  Schedule a meeting and let him show you how quality construction and low overhead, combined with his personal touch, all come together to offer you exceptional value.  Speak to his past customers and find out just how good an experience building a Calyn Home can be.  Casey will put his expertise and professionalism to work in order to guide you effortlessly through the entire process.  Building the home you have always dreamed of is just a step away.